I really need your help

I've just lost my income due to Covid stage 3/4 restrictions here in Victoria, Australia

I've completed the KBB course earlier in the year but was/am struggling to know what to create/upload
Due to financial constraints I suspended the KBB Mindmint software subscription

I hadn't utilised it as my laptop/wifi connection did not allow
I'm now signed up in the Beta Marketplace
I'm not sure if I need to create something first in the Mindmint or can I upload
material to the Beta Marketplace ? I'm a bit overwhelmed with the IT

I'll try to ask the IT guys in the Beta platform ?

I have a friend who would like to launch a book ? Is this feasible ?

I may be able to gather material from my own personal professional experience or material on self development from leaders on the field like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale et cetera

Could you please help me ?

Kind regards,
Sandra 🌹