Hello everyone! I am in need of guidance, input, opinions and answers, please. I have just completed an eBook on healthy herbs and spices. I want to list/sell this eBook on Mastermind.com, but it is more focused on promoting multi-part programs.

My eBook is 95 pages and lists a variety of herbs and spices. For each, I have included an overview of the herb/spice, its common uses and health benefits. I have also included illustrations and notes, tips and cautions when appropriate.

I would like help in the following areas:

First -- How do I list a stand-alone eBook on Mastermind.com? Can anyone direct me to instructions, webinars, classes or courses that would help? What format does it need to be in -- a PDF or something else?

Second -- Do you think I need an introductory video for this? I can do this, of course, but it is a little outside my comfort zone.

Third -- What would you suggest as a price for this eBook? I haven't found anything really comparable online to give me a starting point. I don't want to charge too much or too little -- but I would like to sell a lot of them!

Fourth -- Does anyone have a cookbook or program on healthy eating that might be a good companion to my eBook? Might be a win-win for both of us!

Firth -- I am open to any ideas, feedback, opinions, or input you might have. I am always open to new and construction comments.


Marti Norberg