I woke today eager to put the inspired thought of my sleep to action and out to the world. Do you wake with excitement to bring your ideas to the world? When you love what you do this is a normal day. If you don't experience this perhaps you only need to tweak what you do.

For example; I was a freelance writer for over 20 years. I wrote for hire and gave my work away to the highest bidder. I felt a loss each time I said goodbye to my content another bought as their own.

BUT, I was born with a pencil in my hand and while I am breathing I am writing, it is who I am. I decided I would no longer sell my work. I took ownership of my place in the world as a writer, author, and coach to anyone who, like me, believes they are meant for more to find their way.

TODAY I encourage YOU to stop forcing something that does not feel right and consider looking at it differently or not at all for a while. Clear your head, take a breath and follow your inner knowing. It is when you step into the lead role of your life that the universe plays its supporting role.

"Life is a gift and it's perishable." ~katie ~