Hi Derek from Scotland here looking for your help. I've enjoyed the course last week and it's made me complete my Mastermind Workshop which I want to launch on the software. I have 3 questions:
1 - So far all I have done is complete the process writing down what each section of the course contains and adding a couple of visuals. I'm doing the video work next week before I go live. What do people see when they buy the package (hopefully!), just the video or the written notes and attachments?
2 - In order to "test the market" I will sign up for the $97 a month as it will take time to see if people want to buy it. Can it be cancelled at anytime or are you locked in for a year?
3 - During the course Dean quoted 10,000 had uploaded onto the Mastermind.com platform. Other than filtering the titles, how are people going to find Mastermind.com and find my workshop?
Sorry if the answers to these questions are obvious but I thought I'd reach out to you guys being like minded people - thank you.