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Human growth, personal development
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Wendy Wagoner
🌱 Attuned Coach, 💫 Awakening to Presence Integrated Practitioner,🌻Breath Practitioner, 🌸 Workshop Leader, 💟 Emotional Trauma Rehab, 💗 Healer and Body Worker
If you actually want a new life do you realize you need to create a new personality? "What fires together wires together!" How do we go about hardwiring our brains to have new automatic firings? You push play in your... (More)
What is the barrier to obtaining your next level of business?
Felicia Perseguer
Facilitator in "Self-leadership", Entrepreneurial mindset,Motivational speaker, Executive Coach
Have you ever thought how often we choose to do something new, for the 1º time? I think when we allow ourselves to explore new things, to do new things for the first time, we allow ourselves to practice the... (More)