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Wendy Wagoner
💗 Heart Centered Vision Board Guru 🌱 Attuned Coach, 💫 Awakening to Presence Integrated Practitioner,🌻Breath Practitioner, 🌸 Workshop Leader, 💟 Emotional Trauma Rehab, 💗 Healer and Body Worker
Why my Mastermind on Vision Boards and Manifestation is different than the other masterminds on the same subject! There is a very big, profound difference between how I use the words AIM and Goals in my mastermind program. I am... (More)
Hi Eveyone, hope you're all kicking goals with your courses. Does anyone know how to see the Free Members?! I created a free course and tried a very small FaceBook ad. Apparently I have people who have joined, but can't... (More)