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How Do You Differentiate Yourself From Your Top Competitors?


Than Your Competition!
Than Your Competition!
Wendy Wagoner
🌱 Attuned Coach, 💫 Awakening to Presence Integrated Practitioner,🌻Breath Practitioner, 🌸 Workshop Leader, 💟 Emotional Trauma Rehab, 💗 Healer and Body Worker
I used to have a fixed mindset. I did not always know that there were possibilities or chooses. Wow it is hard for me to even imagine it now! I worked my ass off to develop a growth mindset and... (More)

Have You Ever Learned or Been Taught Memory Improvement Techniques?

Hey Marketplace People,

I'm curious if any of you were ever taught Memorization Techniques in school?

The only technique that I was taught was Rote Memory (Repetition), which sucks, takes a lot of time and does not work well !!!... (More)