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Jamey Iris Galias
International Professional Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, Influencer, Coach, Mentor, Award Winning Public Speaker
Asked a question 11 months ago

When our posted Mastermind course goes live in the 'marketplace', I want to understand better, what is the extent of reach of this software's marketplace to the public? Where will it be exactly selling our courses? Is it somewhat like a 'booster' like in the other Social Media platform? Can the public who do not have the Master Mind software be our potential customers, or can they buy the courses even if they do not own the software? Kindly help me out with my questions :)

Where am I?

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@Jamey Iris Galias9 

The idea is that the marketplace will launch 'to the world'.  And if Tony, Dean and Richard are involved (which they are) they know how to do that.`

Up to know, during the launch, initially it was just some of us volunteers from KBB and a couple of other sources.

The 'public' will not need our software.