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Vickie Maris
Coach and Forward-Focused Digital Content Creator
Asked a question last year

If you had been logging in to Mastermind dot com using your Clickfunnels account info, and that option has now gone away, have you had trouble logging in? I have a course and 3 masterminds uploaded and now can't get to them. Support has not been addressing my question of "what happened to the option of logging in with my Clickfunnels account" and I've also asked if I should now set up a different account in Mastermind. If I do, will I still be able to get to my 4 groups? I have tried, several times, to use my email as my user ID and then request a new password. I've done this after clearing the cache and when using an incognito window. The system gives me this error message: Expert bio is too long (maximum is 250 characters). Has anyone else had issues related to logging in after the option to login via Clickfunnels account was removed? Thanks for your advice. (I've also asked for support via the Clickfunnels team and they directed me back over here.)

Where am I?

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Keith Sexton
Stellar Memory Coach

Oh, I wasn't aware they removed the capability to login with Clickfunnels... 

That must be frustrating! 

Dean said they just doubled the size of the Support team, so some of them will not fully understand the platform...  Keep hitting up Support using the chat in the bottom right corner, until they understand your problem.