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Katie McMurray
Life Coach
Asked a question 5 months ago

I went live with my first MasterMind over 1 week ago and it has not been approved nor have I heard a word as to why. PLEASE anyone tell me what the problem is so I can address it. Going crazy sitting on my hands. It is very frustrating to find it so difficult to get customer suppport. Does anyone know how to contact customer support?

Where am I?

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@Katie McMurray2 

I got some updates for you:)

Anytime you make new edits or changes to your course it is treated as a new submission and gets moved to the back of the queue for the compliance team.  The compliance team addresses submissions in order, however some submissions are more complex and may require additional review due to the need to research certain claims made by the sellers.

Looks like your submission will be reviewed either today or tomorrow :)

Debra McDermitt
Professor Debra McDermitt - Slowly heading out....

@Robyn  Aragon4 , @Shabana Dhalla4 , and other MM Team can you help out here?

@Katie McMurray4  the e-mail to contact is appsupport@mastermind.com4

Quick Checklist:
Do you have your first session live and with information in it?
Does your details page for your course/event have either a picture or trailer video?
Does your details page include the required 30 day full refund statement?
Does your details page have contact information for you / your company?

Paul Coker
Founder of Transform Your Diabetes

I  went live with a Mastermind on Sunday and it was not reviewed until Friday, I guess the team are pretty busy.