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Neeta Solanki
Business Mentor and Coach
Asked a question 4 months ago

Hi all, not sure if you know this but it is important to know if you live outside the US and someone is not happy with your course, worse case they want to start legal proceeding, MM does not get involved. When someone buys a course, it is between you and them. If you want Professional Indemnity insurance to protect yourself (prudent thing to do) then you need to present your T&Cs to the student. However, Company Law states you cannot introduce T&Cs after a sale has been made. MM have their T&Cs, we do not get to introduce ours. I just want to say, any legal proceeding will be in the Author's country. Surely this is a simple request.? In fact I dont know what the T&Cs are for the buyer about from this new 30 days no quibble refund. Otherwise those who live outside the US, even though your work is ethical and professional, it can be abused and you may be sued, that's why we need Professional Indemnity insurance. I currently cannot be insured for this reason therefore now reluctant to use yet I now have another 6 months and a course I cannot sell on Of course I want to, I believe my course will bring empowered knowledge and results, but I also want to protect myself from those who like to sue. Am I being over cautious?

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