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Brenda Mann
Academic and Behavior Consultants
Asked a question 8 months ago

HELP, I have spent hours playing on MM. There is probably an easy answer, but I can’t see where to upload my video to my session. THANK YOU

Where am I?

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Hi Brenda,

There are 2 ways you can upload a pre recoded video to your mastermind session:

Go to your session and

  1. "Upload a Video" button - this will let you upload a video from your computer directly or
  2. "External Link" - here you can paste the link to your video hosted in You Tube, Vimeo or other video hosting platforms.

I hope this helps.


Thank you!


I am looking for that too. You should ask Dave Espino. As I understand, we can make a moovie using YouTube or another program and we should post in MM the link.