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DeShawn Snow
Transformation Coach
Asked a question 5 months ago

Hello, I have a 12-week mastermind with modules and weekly group coaching. This is an evergreen model and the modules are released every 7 days (In Kajabi). How can I accomplish this same drip publishing here in on this platform?

Where am I?

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Daphney Phillip
CEO, Parallelogram Institute

You do have drip on this platform. Check it under modules. Click on your course, Click on a week, click edit, on your left, there's drip.

I plan on doing weekly live training sessions with a followup practice session. 

Thinking of hosting Lives in the MM Marketplace, then offering Recordings, Handouts, Bonus Lessons by drip feeding from another platform (where they have Quizzes, Student Tracking, Certificates, a Discussion Area, etc). 

Once more features have been added and bugs worked out, I will Duplicate my Polished Course on to the Marketplace.

Michelle Templeton
Health and Wellness Coach/Speaker

I'm in the same boat, 90 day course, but I still haven't figured out how to make it evergreen... I feel I still need the interactive coaching element.

It is difficult for me to imagine there is no 'drip' feature for my evergreen. I teach Qigong, and the students have to follow a series of lessons to master the nuances that can only be given one at a time. If there is no drip feature, do provide an alternative.