Why my Mastermind on Vision Boards and Manifestation is different than the other masterminds on the same subject!

There is a very big, profound difference between how I use the words AIM and Goals in my mastermind program.

I am using the word “AIM” to refer to a present-moment oriented Intent which is “aimed”, like an arrow, towards truth, towards True Nature, towards understanding the truth which is here now.

The target you are AIMing for is NOW.

A good AIM will actually diminish and dissolve the ego, rather than enhance it.

The ego can not pursue a true AIM. Only Presence can.

I am using the word “Goal” to refer to a future-oriented pursuit which is used to try and get somewhere different than where you are now.

The ideal is off in the future somewhere, and you are trying to get to your ideal in hopes it will make you happier or more lovable or more MORE.

Goals are attempts to enhance and improve the ego. Goals can be pursued BY the ego!

With an AIM, you want the truth, whatever that might be. You don’t know what the result is going to be.

You just want the truth, and AIM for truth. NOW.

With a Goal, you already have a result in mind, an ideal you “think” would be best for you.

You think you know what the result should be. And you strive towards achieving that result, somewhere off into the future.

Stay tuned for my FREE Mastermind on the topic of AIMS (inner wisdom) and Goals (Ego directed outward). How to create action steps to move you forward in growth, learning and inner peace!