To all beings living in times of chaos, know that these moments are felt like a deep chasm. Scary, unknown and yet the glimmering Soul Energy illuminates a path that leads to a place of balance & inner growth. Ultimately a shift transcends the fear and brings harmony not only to an individual but to Mother Earth as well as expanding the consciousness of the Universe.
The appearance of a gap is simply a illusion built on fear and urgency, what unfolds is a bridge that gives passage for those following the lightness of life.
All energies be it dark or light are patterns of growth. Stepping onto a path that holds the essence of Love & Light strengthens the foundation of Trust. With this awareness you no longer are held down with fear rather you seek to be a part of the spectrum of light that guides you to harmony, joy and adventure.
So which story enriches your heart to move forward?
We are all in the rhythm of dancing to the tune that sparks your interest, the Universe plays the base and you play the cords.