Thursday 10/8/2020 – In celebrating World Space Week the photo today is from the Astronomy Picture of the Day site. The link is in the first comment..

Christianity (history): 451 The first session of the Council of Chalcedon begins.
Christianity (Eastern Orthodox & Catholic): Feast Day of Saint Pelagia

1807: Birth of British philosopher and activist Harriet Taylor Mill
1957: Great Balls of Fire is recorded by James Lee Lewis in Memphis Tn.
1982: ‘Cats’ opens on Broadway leading to a 18 year run before closing 9/10/2000
2009: Motivational Speaker James Arthur Ray’s “Sweat Lodge Event” results in death and injuries.

American Touch Tag Day
Ombuds Day
National Pierogi Day
World Octopus Day
World Sight Day

World Space Week

I will endeavor to post the “Did you know?” daily list each day. The focus will be on the world religions but will also include historical tid bits that relate to music, literature, or general history. You will also see some items from "checkiday."
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While I do some fact checking on these dates and events there can be variances. Sometimes a holy day is celebrated on different days depending on the geographical region