Taking a break from the online world for quite awhile most likely.

The spring retreats are canceled or being handed over to others to put together.

The property fell through due to my student loans which at this point are pretty much making it so that we can't get any house or property.
Money isn't there for promoting, marketing, advertising the courses or coaching on Mastermind so letting that go for now.

Ideally starting a part-time job soon to go alongside the courses I am teaching which will also leave me without time to work on Mastermind courses/coaching or the retreats.

QM certification is moving forward and also is taking up time.

When I return the places I will be going to first are here, livejournal, myspace, and youtube.

You can get in touch with me by
calling/texting either
727-265-6043 or 865-934-7536
or e-mailing
achievinglife @ gmail. com