On my mind today is the lingering question "is this platform a place where my material will have value for others?" I ask it because honing the skill to presenting my niche is mostly an experiment. An expensive one, I might add. :) Developing a mindset to be of service utilizing a particular talent/skill/passion/life experience keeps me in the game. That and being in the proximity of people who are passionate and willing to do what it takes to bring their gifts not only into the world of commerce, but also a world in need of those skills.

I'm also aware that what I have to offer may not translate into creating solutions for an ideal client's pain points. Obviously, something I need to work on.

In the meantime I am appreciating and enjoying using what I've learned in KBB and from Tony & Dean to empower my sister in her niche.

So I'm guessing this is a note to self to give the platform (and myself) one more month...