My work as a coach is a bottom up approach.

You can't teach the bottom up approach with words or just your left brain.

The involuntary body releases and/or vocal releases need to happen.

Through this involuntary movement we release, reset and relax from what we are holding in our bodies and nervous systems.

All our holding patterns or stuck places in our lives are old stories that are running our current lives.

When we shift our identity from our egos and what we 'think' we are to the deeper "I", we live from flow and knowing what is true.

It is a full integration of our whole brain (left, right, brainstem) all working together.

If we feel good about ourself by a social value of what we 'DO' and that equals our self worth (outside of us) then we are missing our deepest longing.

Check for yourself, do you long for something more?

That 'more' is NOT more stuff or more doing.

It is a longing to BE fully here now, knowing our value doesn't equal anything we do or don't do.

Once you get that fully in your body, mind and heart you can then manifest anything you choose to.

Manifestation or the Law of Attraction is realized when our old filtering of not enoughness, not feeling worthy, not lovable etc is fully worked through first.