I read a blog this morning and posted a quote from it in KBB. I found it inspiring and thought it was appropriate to share here as well. :) “We’re going to take that composition of you and go into Michelangelo’s studio. Imagine that you are sitting there with Michelangelo, and he’s about ready to sculpt his David, but he’s not sculpting David—he’s sculpting you. And the two of you are going to do it. You recall the story . . . that Michelangelo saw the best version of David in that marble, and he just chipped away the things that were in the way.
“Well, we need to see the best version of you in that marble, and then just chip away. It’s all there. Your soul is already perfect. That’s not the issue. The issue is you letting things get in the way, and chipping away at that so your essence, that divine spark, can come through more consistently.
“One of the themes to remember is which moment he chose to sculpt of David. Michelangelo did not sculpt David in his moment of celebration. He didn’t sculpt him the moment after he defeated Goliath. He sculpted the moment of decision, the moment David decided that he was going to step up and be heroic, to do what he felt called to do. That’s the moment of decision that we want to bring to life in the context of the work we’re doing. And not just on a macro level—yes, I’m going to step forward and answer the heroic call to adventure, and to give my gifts and talents in service of the world—but embodied moment to moment to moment, all day, every day.”
—Brian Johnson, Optimize Enterprises