How can you forgive, yourself, others, your past, this world, that you might heal and that the world might heal?

Through that forgiveness what is the action you will take to anchor it to create and bring happiness into the depths of your being and then shining outward as service to others?

Wednesday 10/7/2020 – Image today: Photo is from a article which is linked to in the comment of the original FB Institute of Sacred Studies post and this post.

Draconids Meteor Shower, a minor shower, runs from Oct. 6th through 10th and peaks on the 7th. Best seen in the early evening meteors will radiate from the constellation Draco but can appear anywhere.

Christianity (Catholic): Feast Day of St. Artaldus

1849: Death of poet Edgar Allan Poe.
1885: Birth of philosopher and physicist Niels Bohr.
1894: Death of author and poet Oliver Wendell Holmes
1931: Birth of Nobel Prize Laureate, Desmond Tutu who was a South African Arch Bishop and activist.
1950: Mother Teresa establishes the Missionaries of Charity
1995: Alanis Morissette went to No.1 on the US album chart with her third album Jagged Little Pill.

Balloons Around the World Day
National Flower Day
National Forgiveness and Happiness Day
National Inner Beauty Day
You Matter To Me Day

I will endeavor to post the “Did you know?” daily list each day. The focus will be on the world religions but will also include historical tid bits that relate to music, literature, or general history. You will also see some items from "checkiday."
If you have or know any other reasons why today may be considered sacred to a group of people, or yourself, please feel free to comment.
While I do some fact checking on these dates and events there can be variances. Sometimes a holy day is celebrated on different days depending on the geographical region