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Tuesday 10/13/2020 – Photo is from Astronomy Photo of the Day. Link in comment.
Mars at Opposition. The red planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun.
Hinduism: Parama Ekdashi
Christianity: Feast Day of St. Edward the Confessor

Japan: Doi taikomatsuri

1269: The present church building at Westminster Abbey is consecrated
1792: Cornerstone for White House is laid
1885: The Georgia Institute of Technology is founded in Atlanta, Georgia.
1958: First appearance of Paddington Bear

Good Samaritan Day
International Face Your Fears Day
National M&M Day
National Train Your Brain Day
Own Business Day
Silly Sayings Day

I will endeavor to post the “Did you know?” daily list each day. The focus will be on the world religions but will also include historical tid bits that relate to music, literature, or general history. You will also see some items from "checkiday."
If you have or know any other reasons why today may be considered sacred to a group of people, or yourself, please feel free to comment.
While I do some fact checking on these dates and events there can be variances. Sometimes a holy day is celebrated on different days depending on the geographical region