Daily Did You Know
Friday 10/16/2020 – Image is of a kitty cat names Julius! Share a picture of one of your favorite cats! Quote is by Oscar Wilde

~Friendship Friday on Facebook
~New Moon
~Buddhism (Tibetan): Sojong, Shakyamuni Buddha Day
~Christianity (Catholic): Feast Day of St. Gerard Majella the patron saint of expectant mothers.

~690: Empress Wu Zetian ascends to the throne of the Tang dynasty and proclaims herself ruler of the Chinese Empire.
~1854: Author Oscar Wilde born
~1923: Walt Disney Founded
~1978: Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla elected Pope John Paul II
~1984: Desmond Tutu is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

~Global Cat Day
~National Boss Day
~National Learn A Word Day
~World Food Day
~World Spine Day
~World Student Day

If you have or know any other reasons why today may be considered sacred to a group of people, or yourself, please feel free to comment.

I will endeavor to post the “Did you know?” daily list each day. The focus will be on the world religions but will also include other historical tid bits. You will also see some items from "checkiday."

While I do some fact checking on these dates and events there can be variances. Sometimes a holy day is celebrated on different days depending on the geographical region.