Are you saying your life is just fine?

Do you wonder if this is all there is to life?

25 years ago, I created my dream business called Creekside Herbs & Art.

It was located on 25 acres, where I also lived, off the beaten path.
It was a truly magical place set amongst ancient white pines and cedars, along a winding creek.

I built display and sculpture gardens, a spiritual trail, and play area for children preferring to dig in the sand instead of meander the gardens or shop in the store. Artisanal glass was blown in a dome adjacent to the store, which was filled with over 150 varieties of herbs local and Native American artwork, herbal products, specialty foods & teas, organic cotton clothing, and more.

I was a small cottage business practicing socially and environmental values before it was trendy, or even marketable, like it is now. I might be biased, but I have yet to find another shop that I like more!

In later years, I worked for my county’s conservation district and sat on the local watershed, food coop and native plant boards. I felt part of a community, feeling such a need to give back that I put on local festivals throughout the year, free to the public.

I felt good about raising my children in a small community that they felt intimately a part of.

My life was what I had created and I loved what I had created.

The thing was, my passion and love for what I was doing did not necessarily equate to happiness. Creating my dream did not make me feel fulfilled, I felt that something was always missing.

I was doing instead of being. I did not know how to live a life that allowed me to feel relaxed and comfortable in my body.

So, I went on an exploration of sorts to find out why I felt so uncomfortable in my skin.

What I found was that I was searching outside myself for fulfillment so I did not have to feel the real feelings stored in my body.

The constant doing for me was avoiding feeling good enough, not feeling lovable, not feeling the oneness of life.

I felt like a piece of shit. Yup, sorry to swear but it’s what I was saying to myself, “you’re a piece of shit.”

I needed support and help with releasing these old traumatic layers.
I then found Michael Fleming at the Awakening to Presence School in Colorado. This school helped me process and release my childhood trauma and it helped me let go of my inner judge voice that was saying I was a piece of shit. Ultimately it helped me find my inner peace and open my heart.

On that exploration, I found the source and guess what? There was NO need to look anywhere but within myself.

I found in that exploration I was NOT alone, I was NOT inadequate, I was NOT separate from life and I was not a piece of shit!

Our team of Awakening to Presence Attuned Coaches are here to support you along your exploration.

Who do you want to become? I know I wanted to become a relaxed and present person that could enjoy my life and feel fulfilled.

I chose to be a human being instead of a human doing.

Our team of coaches are passionate about helping you to live your best life!

The Awakening to Presence School approach is based on Michael’s body-oriented, neuroscience that has been developed over 30 years of dedicated study and practice.

Don’t let 2021 slip by without creating a life that feels amazing!

Join us January 23-24th for a public introductory Awakening to Presence Workshop experience with Michael Fleming and the Integrated Awakening to Presence team. Go to for more information.

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