After creating 5 masterminds with multiple sessions both live and pre-recorded I wanna share my number one tip with you:


I see so many people who want to launch perfectly and get everything in order and make everything as beautiful as possible.

The danger is that you prepare something wonderful but you end up that nobody buys it later on.

The key to financial success is to test, test, test:

As soon as you have an idea promote it to your audience on social media, your e-mail list, or your local area:

Then announce that you will launch a new course within the next 3-7 days.

Set up the sales page and create the first planned live or pre-recorded introduction of the course.

Put the info in the description that you start producing the course on the fly as soon as clients start purchasing.

Ideally, you wanna start publishing the next session within 24 hours after the first member onboarded.

Start with the content and listen to the feedback and ask your participants after each session thoroughly what they liked and what has helped them.

Then go and do more of that and incorporate these learnings into your social media and marketing message.

It's what I call the "Cycle of Listening & Growth"

I wish you the best of luck & fun creating, promoting, and selling your masterminds! This is the best place to do it!

I wanna see you win! 🥇

 "The key to social media success is a perfect, well-oiled digital marketing strategy"

René 🤟🏻 Simplification & Results Enthusiast
Organic Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategist