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Keith commented 20 minutes ago
Jonathan Absher
Owner: Base Funnel Marketing
I have set up my first funnel for my mastermind and would love some feedback. I included a survey to try and serve those interested at the highest level. I would love to hear your thoughts!
Sandra commented an hour ago
#Homework 3 complete. Gone in completely new direction since started here. Anyone else have that experience? Just did the video on my laptop. Is what it is, but said something and took very imperfect action...... (More)
Debra commented an hour ago
Wendy Wagoner
🌱 Attuned Coach, 💫 Awakening to Presence Integrated Practitioner,🌻Breath Practitioner, 🌸 Workshop Leader, 💟 Emotional Trauma Rehab, 💗 Healer and Body Worker
Is this easy or hard for you to do?
so, I have a course to post for a client, and IAM TERRIFIED!!! NOTHING intimidates me more than detail work like this: my genetic eyesight issues make it very difficult, with many headaches. Literally .