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Welcome to the Community is the easiest and fastest way to launch your virtual Mastermind!  This community allows paying members of the software to interact, ask questions, support each other and request help from community experts. 

Nikki liked 12 days ago
Please email the Mastermind customer support team at for ANY and all account-related or technical issues. Please do not post misinformation here. Thanks!! 😊
Shabana updated 17 days ago
Jannett commented 13 days ago
🛑 Please STOP posting misinformation!! 🛑 Attention Elite Members: All accounts were extended 6 months per Dean's request and are valid for one year.
Ebony commented a day ago
Hi Everyone! On February 1st 2022 the Community will be shutdown permanently. Please reach out to our Mastermind Facebook group if you have anything to share with your peers. If you have any questions please email us at (More)